The Heavens were so inclined
To divine for me
A respite
In this soft dream
I had no anxiety
No lack of courage
Nor reason to hide
You were simply
You looked my way
And kissed the air

Heaven blessed me one time before
The real you
Soft flesh
And kind eyes
I’ll pay any cost
For more than a dream
My Greed; My Lust
For sure, I will be damned
But the Devil may not touch
My Soul
If it is in your hands


Longings For An Oasis

I do believe
this is a familiar feeling.
The cooling touch of water
at my feet,
as I stand alone
in my desert,
barren since the dawn.

My eyes strain
in this new light.
But I can feel it
in my heart,
the thundering vibrations
of an oncoming flood.
My hand clutches at my chest.

And yet I smile.
What once brought terror
now brings real excitement.
I feel the seeds of life
weighing heavily in my pocket.
Perhapse they’ll take root,
and I’ll share the shade with you.

My Myth, Part 2: Abduction and Release

Each day my mind weaves a shroud
And each night it is unraveled
For despite the words I speak
They are lies to delay my duty.

So often it feels as though
It is forbidden to grow
Not by the authority of a Mother
But a self-imposed imprisonment.

As time passes
It is beyond me to recall
On what day, at what time
What moment did I consume those cursedĀ seeds?

Was I freed from the shackles of that cave wall
Only to wander, invisible?
Unknowingly, a ring slipped on my finger
By those devilish, dancing shadows.