My Myth, Part 2: Abduction and Release

Each day my mind weaves a shroud
And each night it is unraveled
For despite the words I speak
They are lies to delay my duty.

So often it feels as though
It is forbidden to grow
Not by the authority of a Mother
But a self-imposed imprisonment.

As time passes
It is beyond me to recall
On what day, at what time
What moment did I consume those cursed seeds?

Was I freed from the shackles of that cave wall
Only to wander, invisible?
Unknowingly, a ring slipped on my finger
By those devilish, dancing shadows.


Sword in the Stone

What exists in me
I do not see in this World
And, so, I’ve been told
I act with reserve
Speak with flamboyance
This mask I wear
So deceiving
A miracle, of grand design
So They try
By their hands or mine
To show my face
But we fail everytime
This guise of mine
A sword kept in stone
Where is she
My once and future king
To pull me, to rule me
And build a golden castle
Upon this foundation I have laid

The Observer

I am the Observer
I once again took a stroll outside my Temple
To watch the destruction unfold anew
Its limestone columns tore at itself
As if compelled towards self-destruction
And believe it would make itself into
What it doesn’t appear to have ever known
Whole, I think it wants
To be smooth for priestess’ touch
Should it ever receive such a blessing

I returned into my Temple shortly
Standing silent, I saw loss in form
Fell, and wept
Have you ever seen stone bleed?
It’s quite a sight
That I, the Observer, shall never share