I am lifeless

Though air fills my lungs

And blood fills my muscles

To move this pen

I am lifeless

There is something worse than 


What I have done is stagnated 


I am truly and remarkably hideous


Living In Disgrace

I blame the moon
For these strong tides
My arm is too weak
To deliver my words

I blame the moon for my loneliness
As I parade around the shores
Swamped with washed-up writings

I blame the moon
Its many faces invite discored
And I find myself flattering ideas
Far from natural light

I stand here looking up
My body paralyzed by wonder
And I see my own reflection in the glow
I want to blame the moon


I am growing more restless
Every day
It takes longer for my heart
To Settle
This barren land I dwell
Is Edging
Closer to vanishing below the sand

Words of hope and love are difficult, too
Come by
Grab me by my wrist and drag me
Steal me
Away from my territory of turmoil
Shelter me
In your arms I will know

I am enough.