The Observer

I am the Observer
I once again took a stroll outside my Temple
To watch the destruction unfold anew
Its limestone columns tore at itself
As if compelled towards self-destruction
And believe it would make itself into
What it doesn’t appear to have ever known
Whole, I think it wants
To be smooth for priestess’ touch
Should it ever receive such a blessing

I returned into my Temple shortly
Standing silent, I saw loss in form
Fell, and wept
Have you ever seen stone bleed?
It’s quite a sight
That I, the Observer, shall never share

The Greatest Swindle

Honor looked so rewarding
And I desired it greatly
Many would say I have it
But I know the truth

It came all too easy
Without intent, nonetheless
I deceived the heavens
And lost any I might have had
In spectacular fashion

I exposed my neck
And made a deal
“Let fate do with me as willed.”
Upon granting me this
My will no longer my own
A smirk formed in my mind
“Now nothing will ever become of me.”
For Fate has never been

My Nightly Thought

Just a thought
A nightly thought it can’t be helped I’ve already walked past
But the memory still lingers
And burns as intensely
As when first ignited
I thought myself selfish
I’ll still dream of your grace
Blessing my gross negligence
Idling as I let myself rot
But I could replace your medication
At the least
To protect your mind
Take me inside you
Let me grow from your warmth
And I build you a home
A castle of gold in the lush country
A sanctuary of peace in your mind
I will find you knights
Of such strength
To guard your beauty
I will kneel before you
And request residency
So we may
I wish for us to never leave
Each other’s gaze
…. No, not you?

I Am Deaf to the Music

Why does my mind allow such torture?
To allow myself to think
That those
That for such feelings grow
Why do I allow it so
That I feel you serve only one purpose so
To fix what I have broke
To fix me
Why do I allow it so
Can you awake the good in me
That all seems to know
But I will not show
In truth I see only evil
I only think of women as my salvation
Why can’t one be that
Which I need
Save me from this coldness
Is there no music that can lure you
But do I lure you to shore
Will I crash your ship on the rocks
And swear my fate as a siren to women
Stop calling myself nice
I must be a demon
That will corrupt your senses
That man is not as good as he appears