Foul Lands

Is there something
Below, deeper
Than a thought?
Do thoughts show
Our self, who we are?
What is a mind
Where thoughts howl
Like an unimpeded gust?


Final Thought

They weren’t for me
You weren’t for me
There will never be someone for me
For to be for
To be a gift
A person will never be
No matter how much I ask,
I pray, cry, hope,
And cry again
A person is to bring
More than one can bear
Their love to make
Dreams and hopes dull
Their heart, just a piece
To fill the whole when giving yours
But my soul hides itself
In plain sight, with simple cloth
My wound on my shoulder
That shows where my missing half was
It festers
Wicked in my eyes
My skin burns and discarded from my frequent gaze
It’s cloaked with tortured flesh
This wound is what finds love
What makes us seek
My deception leaves me foreign
But maybe that wound will heal
So there is no longer any thought
To be had

Under the Phantom’s Mask

I tore at my flesh tonight
As I have so many times before
All the while, no real intent
There is no will in me to harm
But my skin is vile, rotten
A reality of my own design.

How did this start
A single itch
I could never resist
This lack of… what?
I see flaws that I must claw out
What heals is torn anew
Only to create scars

I am shunned by my own end
Hidden away, remaining only for me
The soul actor of cruelty
No one must be tempted by this
To delve into this dark lair
That was once a beacon of light
A master of illusion, am I

Like fate is on my side
He shows me my foolishness
So easily lead by beauty
Such flawless skin must be divine
Their kind words always tickle at my ear
The mind does not give up easily

So it is, my most recent purpose
The reality is as it always has been
You, with him
You have someone, not I
And you smile, and so I now must
Awaiting my next self-inflicted scar


One Wish

If I had a wish
What do you suppose I’d wish for?
Happiness is not Earthly
Money feels of mud in my hands
And power is easily lost
Of Love? Of the heart, is beyond wishing
Only of my dreams.
So, what is left
Of my desires?
Oh, to be a great villain!
I wish to earn a seat
In the jaws,
In the lowest circle of hell
To be a great betrayer
Worth of song and tale
I wish for the bodies of my friends
To make my desires theirs
Never ending pleasures of the flesh
To numb my mind
My image to never leave their thoughts
That! That is a wish worth granting
To be free of these shackles
Kindness weighs heavily on my wrists
To wish to not be me