The Price of Happiness

The price for Happiness is too great
For its value is beyond this realm
The mere thought of that debt
Crushes the soul
It wails in fear and imagined agony
How do some near and far possess it
When we’re all too poor to try
They must be liars and thieves
Or great actors on the stage of life
Putting on a show for the needy
And although fury grows in our hearts
It is better to be on the stage than
In the mud observing your dreams and hopes
Let honesty be buried in the pursuit of deceit
For the greatest actors are those that fool themselves
The spectators are in a constant frenzy
The filth of this world kicked up
When blinded, but still able to see
Look beyond the ground and stage
And see a truth far crueler than the lies
That happiness of this existence is only a painting
What is unobtainable, the love you seek
The fury is extinguished by sorrow’s dark clouds
Left dazzled and too weak to stand
In the mud, on the stage, you fail to live
Only to exist until your grave
Where your answers now mean nothing
Except one secret
That I will share with you, in this mess
You must live
You must live and you must act
You must get on that stage and deceive the world
You must dance and sing of love and joy
But you will not see me on that stage
Dancing, full of life
For the happiness I can afford
Is watching great actors
As I were them, Loved

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