The Foundation Begins to Crack

I can see the foundation begin to crack
I doubt myself,
So I doubt its truth
Pride will not allow them to be real
But starved and weak
This is all he can do
But this growing cliff’s edge still looms
Fake or real, I see weak Earth
And my legs feel faint
Where I once stood firm

This world gives way to finding guilt
Cruel self-love wishes it upon others
And it has been well fed recently
But Kindness seems to still hold power
For the battle inside intensifies
And although the tearing I feel
Makes me ache such
Unfelt since half a lifetime ago
Chaos means strength is not exhausted

How naïve can one person be
To think that wrath was gone
Such strength pride once had
Feasting on this delusion
The rage had left a void
But BETRAYAL created an elixir
Giving new life to the sickly One
And flames were felt on my ears
And such thunder in my chest
Hope had flinched

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