I Ask

Heaven blessed me one time before.
Damn me, for I ask once more!
I was blind, now full of hate
I’ll forsake all others for a mate
This fool is cursed for his mistake
Will it last to his wake?
My angel was by my side,
but now too far to be my bride.
Your obsession was to my gain
For you, the truth, I could not feign.
My heart could not bear the joy,
was this kind boy yet again a toy?
An old betrayal raises the thought,
but you are gentle as the sun is hot.
There is too much yet to be said,
but the words will not leave my head!
This timid approach is unnecessary,
but feeling appear to be secondary.
An act of bravery may all be that is required,
but I fear my time has all but expired.
Demand from me all that you want,
and I will not see it as a taunt.
Banish me and abuse me,
you will not hear me plea.
Refuse and reject me,
I won’t walk to the bottom of the sea.
If all you want is a friend,
reality will begin, and fantasy end.
Demand from me an act of greatness,
I’ll make the arrangements and apologies for my lateness.
I’m not a great beauty or all that smart,
nor do I have wealth or great works of art.
I beg, just ask of me any thing,
for all I have is the desire suited for a king.
You offered me your body when we are apart,
but this pitiful creature secretly dreams of your heart.
Heaven blessed me one time before.
Damn me, for I ask once more!

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