A Laugh

Alone to my thoughts and work
The normal ripples of sound don’t alarm
Even deaf to the beats of my heart

What seductive noise do I hear
That a fool would call a laugh
It is the sound of divine joy
The giggle of a siren
Benevolent, lifting my spirits above the rocks
It lasts but a moment
And I see myself below the swells
My lungs filling with despair

May I possess you
Steal you from another
Let you be mine and I be yours
And any approach be scorned
And scorched by my passion
For you once said I could be yours
A drunken dream, perhaps
My mortal ego inflamed
The thought of tasting sweet ambrosia

But your divinity must never touch my poison
The idea of me, you called Nice
But the host is left to rot
Decaying of its own doing
Such cruel thoughts, no longer quiet
Alone, forever alone

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