Do thoughts exist
I’d rather like to think so
For a thought of joy
Though few and far between
Would hold such power
And often does
Put a spring in your step
How cute
But a darker thought
How terribly frightening
Oh but what a relief
This body still lingers
As I give life to thoughts
And a substitute takes my place
I can always think up
A new me
To take those thoughts
To their grave



Am I scared of you
The one who defies infinity
A thousand worlds in my mind
And you are unique to them all
A life lived in isolation
Behind a mask, in a cave
Words became like sludge
But their power remained
In all my doubt
My betrayal of self
My drifting existence
I was on your mind
And you spoke the word: Love
I dreamt that night, of love
But Doubt was found lurking
I saw shadows of my past
Out of Cowardice’s head came Uncertainty
There are many loves in this Limbo
I dare not ask for clarity
As I always do, remain in fantasy
I am scared of you

A Laugh

Alone to my thoughts and work
The normal ripples of sound don’t alarm
Even deaf to the beats of my heart

What seductive noise do I hear
That a fool would call a laugh
It is the sound of divine joy
The giggle of a siren
Benevolent, lifting my spirits above the rocks
It lasts but a moment
And I see myself below the swells
My lungs filling with despair

May I possess you
Steal you from another
Let you be mine and I be yours
And any approach be scorned
And scorched by my passion
For you once said I could be yours
A drunken dream, perhaps
My mortal ego inflamed
The thought of tasting sweet ambrosia

But your divinity must never touch my poison
The idea of me, you called Nice
But the host is left to rot
Decaying of its own doing
Such cruel thoughts, no longer quiet
Alone, forever alone

Silent Thoughts

Shall I begin to move my lips
And allow my tongue to do the work
Only my fingers are brave enough
My eyes are obsessed with your presence
And I’d gladly have my neck snap
For one last glance as you walk by

My eyes are the only honest things about me
And the only thing I cant control
My limbs are on strings
Like a marionette, I move through the day
But my eyes will always dart back to you
Gladly blinded staring at the sun

What absolute jokes for thoughts
That a man would tell the world
What value is there in any truth
Produced by an obsessive mind
Your light will fade like all the rest
Like a beautiful sunset, I will weep


A longing to feel the pressure of a body
Like crushing waves against my chest
To strip myself as a social being
And be accepted as a Beast
A new experience of intoxication
Drunk on pleasure of the flesh
Let carnal desires be shared between two bodies
We would tumble and struggle
Not opposed, but conquer the other
To be the one most subservient to the other
To gratify the other, thus superior
My face between her legs
Tongue and lips reaching her Tantalizing fruit
Water no longer receding from my grasp

Making Love

A balance between want and need
Of body and mind
To find joy in the flesh through joy of the mind
Emotions of two souls meet and share
In a moment of true happiness
Imperfect bodies seen as beautiful
Our vulnerabilities no longer weakness
We become stronger as we fall onto one another
Eyes will shine with new light
But will not blind the other
As we stare and peer into our hearts
A feeling of comfort beyond even dreams


Pretty words and pretty angels
Petty words and petty people
Both are lies of our own creation
But what is a world without Truth
The dream of a trickster, a deceiver, a Demon

How do the senses react
To the power of a god
Who placed a pretty angel
With pretty words
In this realm of insecurity

The body quakes
And the heart produces a rhythm
Unnervingly similar to Lust’s effect
Pretty angel with pretty words
Honest and true, my friend